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Fragrance information

  • Top Note: Green Leaves, Tamarind, Nectarine Leaf
    • The first impression. Fast to fade but very memorable.
  • Middle note: Fig, Wild Currant, Stonefruit, Plum, Red Cedar
    • ​These notes are the heart of the fragrance and make each scent unique.
  • Bottom note: Vetiver, Vanilla, Bourbon, Mahogany, Patchouli
    • ​Bottom notes mingle with middle notes to create a long-lasting impression.

WoodWick Ellipse Candle Tamarind & Stonefruit

€ 39,95Prijs
  • Small: 20 uur

    Medium: 60 uur 

    Large: 120 uur 

    Elipse: 50 uur 


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